No matter how adamant you are about maintaining your plumbing system, malfunctions can still occur. When they do, those plumbing malfunctions can be disastrous. Even small pinhole leaks can saturate the foundation of your home and lead to toxic mold growth. Burst pipes can result in serious flooding and hazardous situations like sewage contamination. No matter how large or small your disaster is, you can count on us for expert water damage cleanup and restoration services.

Why Call Us for Water Damage Cleanup Services?
• A trusted name in Marina del Rey
• Over 2 decades of experience
• Large staff of IICRC certified experts
• Guaranteed 30 minute response time
• Industry-grade pumps and extraction machines
• Sewage and Category III water damage cleanup specialists
• We take care of insurance billing for you
• Committed to our customers and helping them through this stressful time!

Water Removal and Restoration
It is imperative to remove water from surfaces as soon as possible. Otherwise, mold growth can begin, permanent staining can occur, and materials like wood can warp. We respond quickly and use industry-grade water pumps to remove standing water and water extraction machines to suction dirty water out of floors, carpets, walls, upholstery, and drapes. Our technicians are IICRC Certified and trained in restoring virtually all materials from water damage. We have some of the most advanced specialty cleaning equipment available. To make sure your home is quickly restored to safe moisture levels, we have various air movers for creating create air channels and use dehumidifiers to control moisture so no mold growth sets in.

Biohazard and Sewage Cleanup
Water damage is often accompanied with dangerous substances such as sewage, pesticides, chemicals, and all sorts of debris. Our equipment safely extracts particles out of your property and we have an arsenal of cleansers for destroying bacteria and other pathogens. Any items which cannot be saved are bagged and safely disposed of. We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive services which save your property and save you money!

Mold Cleanup and Restoration
Don’t underestimate how dangerous mold is. Mold spores are very tiny and easily float throughout the air. We work quickly to get moisture levels in your home under control so mold cannot begin to grow. Remember that mold spores travel, so the mold growth can occur anywhere that moisture is present – not just where the water damage occurred! Professional-grade HEPA air scrubbers remove mold spores from the air. If mold growth has already begun, we can save your property with our extensive cleaning services and biocides for killing the mold and keeping you safe.

At Your Door in 30 Minutes!
The faster you respond to water damage, the better your chances are of coming out with no permanent damages or need for remodeling. We know that every minute matters with water damage cleanup services, which is why we promise a 30 minute response time.

Don’t let water damage cleanup wait. Call us 24/7 for immediate help.