Did you wake up to find your basement covered in 2 feet of water? Or maybe you scrambled to contain water when a pipe burst in your home? Whatever the cause of your water damage problems, we are here to help with comprehensive restoration services. Our technicians have helped thousands of families and businesses in the aftermath of disasters. With our expertise and equipment, your life will be back to normal in no time.

Why Call Us for Water Damage Restoration Services?
• A trusted name in Marina del Rey
• Over 2 decades of experience
• Large staff of IICRC certified experts
• Guaranteed 30 minute response time
• Industry-grade pumps and extraction machines
• Sewage and Category III water damage cleanup specialists
• We take care of insurance billing for you
• Committed to our customers and helping them through this stressful time!

How We Restore Your Property from Water Damage
Whether it is 2 inches or 2 feet, water can do some serious damage to your property. We understand the plights of our clients and take great pride in helping them come out of plumbing malfunctions and natural disasters with as little loss as possible. The keys to our success in water damage restoration are knowledge and equipment. As far as knowledge of water damage cleanup goes, you won’t find more qualified technicians anywhere in Marina del Rey. We are IICRC Certified and our staff routinely gets additional training in specialty areas like carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and restoration, mold mitigation, sewage cleanup, and biohazard containment.

The Right Tools for the Job
One of the things which really sets us apart from other water damage cleanup companies in Los Angeles County is that we invested in the most modern, advanced equipment available. This equipment allows us to get your home clean and dry faster, which means reduced risk of mold growth and your life can return to normal sooner. Here are some of the tools we use to get your home dry and safe.

Water Removal Tools
Industry-grade pumps are used to remove standing water. Water extraction machines get out water which has soaked into surfaces like carpets and upholstery. Specialty tools like sub-surface extractors and wands can get pockets of water out of hard surfaces.

Cleaning Tools
We come prepared to clean and sanitize virtually any surface and item you own. Some of our specialty equipment includes carpet cleaning machines, concrete cleaning tools, floor scrubbers, resurfacing tools, tile and grout cleaners, and a variety of wands for upholstery, drapes, and stairs.

Decontamination Tools
Even if property was flooded with sewage or black water, you don’t have to throw everything away. We have cleaning chemicals and biocides for every type of contamination. Pollutants, pathogens, and mold spores can get into the air, and we make sure even these are taken care of with professional-grade Air scrubbers.

Drying Tools
For most surfaces, we rely on our powerful air movers to evaporate water. These aren’t your typical fans! We have specialty air movers like thrust-technology fans, down-draft air movers, centrifugal air movers, and floor and cavity drying air movers. They are set up in a way which maximizes evaporation. The evaporated water is caught with dehumidifiers that carefully control the moisture levels in your home to prevent mold growth. We make sure no area is missed using moisture-detection equipment like infrared cameras and moisture meters to find hidden pockets of water in surfaces.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services
We understand that commercial businesses have unique needs when it comes to restoration services. Not only is every hour critical to your business in terms of downtime, but you also have specialty equipment which is vital to your operations. We work closely with businesses who have experienced disasters to come up with plans which will get them back in operation as quickly as possible and minimize losses. Some solutions we offer are off-site drying, insurance reports and billing, repairs, sanitization, and knowledge of city health and safety codes for businesses.

Don’t let water damage cleanup wait. Call us 24/7 for immediate help.