When you live on the banks of the Pacific Ocean, you are aware of the danger of flood damage. Luckily, for residents of Marina del Rey, Ballona Creek does a good job of protecting the city against flooding. However, we aren’t always so lucky and big storms, hide tides, strong winds, and ocean scale variations can result in severe flood damage. There is no need to panic in the aftermath of a flood. We are here to help save your property with expert flood cleanup services from IICRC Certified technicians.

Why Call Us for Flood Cleanup Services?
• A trusted name in Marina del Rey
• Over 2 decades of experience
• Large staff of IICRC certified experts
• Guaranteed 30 minute response time
• Industry-grade pumps and extraction machines
• Sewage and Category III water damage cleanup specialists
• We take care of insurance billing for you
• Committed to our customers and helping them through this stressful time!

Flooding – It is More than Just Water Cleanup
Flooding brings more than just water into your home. With the flood water, there can also be biohazards like sewage and other dangerous materials such as pesticide residue, oil, trash, and all the bacteria which come along with them. For this reason, it is very important that you hire a reputable company for flood cleanup services. You do not want to tackle the job by yourself and risk your health!

We take a comprehensive approach to cleaning up flood damage. Safety is always our top priority. Technicians are equipped with biohazard suits, waterproof boots, respirators, and eye protection. After assessing the site, the first step is to contain the flood so contamination doesn’t spread to other areas of your home. Even if your floors are covered in sewage water, we can still help you restore them thanks to our advanced equipment and arsenal of biocide cleaners, sanitizers, and sealants.

The Flood Cleanup Process
Whether you have 2 inches or 2 feet of water in your home, we are ready to help with a comprehensive flood cleanup plan. Our technicians are IICRC certified and have helped save and restore property in even the worst cases of flooding. Here is a step-by-step process of how we tackle flood damage.

1. Initial Inspection
Our technicians arrive quickly (30 minute response time) and know how to assess a situation in just a matter of moments. They make sure there are no eminent threats from collapsing structures and electricity, and also that the source of the flooding has been stopped. We also take documentation for insurance purposes.

2. Containment
Water will seep into whatever cracks and holes it finds, so it is a priority to contain the water before it affects other parts of your home. We also must put up containment sheets to stop mold spores and biohazards from getting into other parts of your home.

3. Water Pumping and Surface Extraction
Our industry-grade pumps will quickly get water out of your home. Once standing water has been removed, we can use powerful extraction machines to suction the last bits of water out of surfaces like floors, walls, upholstery, and drapery. The process leaves your property nearly dry.

4. Inventory and Pack-Out
In some cases, it may be necessary to remove some of your items from the site and take them to our facility to dry. We have temperature and humidity-controlled rooms where sensitive belongings can dry safely and quickly. Some items we might remove are carpets, electronics, and upholstered furniture.

5. Moisture Control
Psychometrics is the study of moisture and humidity in air. Our technicians are experts in psychometrics – they need to be to make sure your home is uniformly dried in a way that does not allow mold growth or damage to your property! When we set up our fans and dehumidification units, they are done in a scientific manner aimed at creating ideal evaporation rates and room humidity levels.

6. Sanitization and Deodorization
Flood water brings a lot of nasty chemicals, biohazards, and pathogens with it. We make sure your home is safe by treating affected surfaces with sanitizers. Mold spores are killed with biocides.

7. Item Reinstallation
After your home is dry, we will return any items which were packed out at our facility. We always reinstall items like carpets for you.

Don’t let flood damage cleanup wait. Call us 24/7 for immediate help.