We understand what a hassle it is to deal with insurance companies. Not only do you have to find out what disasters are covered under your policy, there is a mountain of paperwork and documentation. Luckily, we have a staff which has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. We take the pain out of paying for disaster cleanup by billing your insurance company directly.

Contact us to learn whether we offer direct billing to your insurance company. To learn more about the insurance claims process, read on.

Insurance Claims for Water Damage
Most homeowners insurance policies are very specific about the types of water damage they cover. You are almost always going to be covered for water damage from plumbing problems, such as a burst pipe or leak. However, if the water is from a “natural” source – such as tidal waves or rains – then you are probably not covered. These types of water damage are considered flooding and are covered by separate Flood Insurance policies.

Insurance Claims for Mold Damage
One of the biggest problems from water damage is that it can lead to mold growth. Luckily, most homeowners insurance policies do cover mold damages and cleanup costs (though many have written these out of their policies, so you will need to check). It is of absolute importance to document the cause-effect of the water damage and mold if you wish to get compensation for damages. If the mold growth was caused from negligence, then coverage may be denied.

Insurance Claims for Storm Damage
While homeowners insurance will not cover water damage from storms, they will generally cover damages caused by wind from storms – such as damaged siding or roofing. However, if the rains have caused leaking into your basement, you aren’t likely to be covered.

Insurance Claims for Fire Damage
Luckily, almost all standard homeowners insurance policies will cover fire damage – regardless of the source or cause of the fire. Not only will the coverage pay to replace damaged items, but it can pay the cost of fire damage cleanup services, such as odor removal and restoration. Any secondary problems caused by the fire, such as damage from water used to put out the fire, should also be covered. If you must evacuate your home until it can be restored to safe conditions, then the insurance company should pay these costs tool

How to Make Sure Your Insurance Claim Isn’t Denied
Insurance companies are notorious for routinely denying claims, even when they should grant coverage. To make matters worse, even denied claims can cause hikes in your premiums! It is very important that you are careful about the homeowners insurance claim process so coverage isn’t denied.

The first thing to do is read through your policy and see what you are covered for. Again, you don’t want to file a claim for something which you aren’t covered for as this could cause your rates to increase. Typically, fire damages are covered as are water damages from burst pipes and plumbing problems. Water damage from storms or sea water are not covered under standard policies. These cases are considered “flood damage.” Even if your basement is in 3 feet of water from a burst pipe, never say the word flood as this can automatically cause your claim to be denied!

Remember that mold growth can occur from water damage. You will want to report the water damage to the insurance company, but do not accept any offers or sign any papers yet until the mold threat has been assessed and remedied. Otherwise, if mold growth happens later down the line, you might not be entitled to coverage because the case will be considered closed.

We Help with the Insurance Claims Process
You’ve got enough on your plate in the aftermath of a disaster. The last thing you need to worry about is figuring out the complex insurance claims process. We have staff members who are dedicated to this exact task. They are highly-trained in insurance company practices and dealing with adjusters.

In addition to taking care of the billing for you, we can also help by providing the correct documentation of the damages. Our technicians always arrive with cameras and other documentation tools which can be used as evidence in your claim. With adequate evidence, there is less of a chance that your claim will be unjustly denied and that you will get the full compensation you deserve.

Have you suffered disaster from water, flooding, or fire? Contact us today to get the cleanup and restoration process started!